Top Engineering College in Odisha (Best Colleges in Odisha in 2020)

Rank of Engineering Colleges in Odisha

Which Engineering College in Odisha is Ranked Top?

IIT Bhubaneswar, NIT Rourkela, CET Bhubaneswar, VSSUT Burla, IGIT Saranga, GIFT Bhubaneswar, Silicon Bhubaneswar are the most popular top ranked engineering colleges from a latest survey.

More details on all engineering colleges are available. here . Visit to view information about best engineering colleges in Odisha .

Which are Best Engineering Colleges in Odisha for Campus Placement?

The placement %ge is better in top ranked private engineering colleges under BPUT.

Which is a Top Govt. Engineering College in Odisha?

Definitely IIT Bhubaneswar and NIT Rourkela are top Engineering Colleges. Among other govt. engineering colleges CET Bhubaneswar, VSSUT Burla and IGIT Saranga are best colleges in Odisha. Apart from govt. engineering colleges in Odisha few private engineering colleges have scored better rank for academic, infrastructure and placement facility.

Click here to visit Gandhi Institute for Technology (GIFT), which was ranked top among Private engineering colleges in Odisha.

How many Private Engineering Colleges are under BPUT?

There are more than 150 private engineering colleges under BPUT. Few engineering colleges which were ranked in our list of top 10 are NBA and NAAC accredited. The institutes which are NBA and NAAC accredited are best engineering colleges to study as the placement guarantee is more in these colleges.

Is BPUT's Best Colleges better than Govt Engineering Colleges in Odisha?

Based upon data collected for ranking of Engineering colleges the following private Engineering colleges are better:
  • GIFT (Bhubaneswar)
  • Silicon (Bhubaneswar
  • GIET (Gunupur)